samoa/ngai tahu (born 1963)

My series of black builders’ paper cut-outs Sista Girl, pays homage to the black veiled women at Sunday mass, Pacific craftswomen, my ancestors and the land.

A continuation of my larger cut-out series Sista7, the mixture of cut-out patterns represent a fusion of cultures, closely interconnected, bound and pieced together. The work alludes also to the introduction of the Catholic religion as a vehicle for the colonisation of the Pacific.

Lonnie Hutchinson
 Sista Girl 2004
 black builders paper
 collection of the artist
 courtesy Jonathan Smart Gallery

Lonnie Hutchinson’s Sista Girl alludes to many intersecting issues of Pacific history; the work of women, the Catholic Church, and the mixing of ancestral cultures.

The installation has a dazzling charisma, invoking memories of sacred events in places of human gathering. Her use of everyday materials is deeply lyrical and expresses the work of an exceptional imagination.