samoa (born 1962)

A spirit canoe called Keoni, one of twin carvings symbolising my sons (Kavela and Keoni) born six years ago. Keoni passed away at birth and is survived by his brother Kavela.

Like ones ever-changing uniqueness, our voyage is not contained within the visible world. Life’s radiance has no independent existence. It is abstracted from the flowing movement, arriving and vanishing in the total process of ‘the’ flow. Aitu (spirit and matter) is the fusion of the canoe and water.

John Ioane
 Va’a Aitu Keoni 2006-2007
 oregon pine, resin, marine epoxy
 collection of the artist
 courtesy of Whitespace Gallery

John Ioane’s art is frequently a homage to the spiritual heart within the family and the absolute inseparability of love from all human endeavour.
This sculpture is a monument to the loss of a cherished son who, here, becomes a voyaging spirit, crossing an unknown ocean. With a stillness that can never be found in water, the va’a (canoe) journeys to a parallel world.