cook islands maori (born 1947)

Over the years Iíve managed a number of interactive experiences within the Auckland Museum, as an audience and as a consultant; trading places as a site for discourse, and a location for making art.

This exhibition enables me to exercise yet another train of thought, devising notions of an Oceanic belonging.

Jim Vivieaere

 this is not an ocean, this is a rented house
 this is not a hand, this is a library
 this is not the sky, this is a grandfather clock
 this is not a child, this is a mirror 2007
 digital video disc
 duration 360 seconds, looped
 collection of the artist

Jim Vivieaere has been creating artwork in museum spaces for two decades, which directly responds to how Pacific cultures are represented. This installation utilises a version of the sound-scape specifically created for his renowned touring exhibition Bottled Ocean (1994), which was the first group exhibit of contemporary Pacific art.

The passages between water and sky, and the presence of the artistís own children, invoke lyrical sensations of self and place.