cook islands (born 1973)

The sound of a drum beat echoes across a calm sea
The waters ripple as a chant can be heard through the wind
It is a call to the Vaerua
searching for its path
as it longs to return home.

Itiri Ngaro

 Te ’oki’anga o te vaerua 2007
 (The returning of the soul)
 digital video disc
 duration 300 seconds, looped
 collection of the artist

Itiri Ngaro has been working in the film industry for over a decade and has gained a significant reputation as a gifted Pacific video-maker. His new work is powerfully evocative of a suspenseful vision which encounters unexpected risks. In a dream sequence, having all the qualities of a visionary journey, the figure meets the force of nature’s elements.

The artist uses the ideas of autobiography to convey actions that appear like elemental symbols marking difficult human endeavours.