samoa (born 1946)

This is the energy of the faisua (clam) in the spawning process. Its shell is open, the flesh, sinews and flowing nectar are changing colour from white to green to orange and milky blue.

It is seducing the observer with colour, fragrance, taste and movement. This fascinating process is happening before your eyes and you travel in and out of the painting like submerging in the turquoise lagoon experiencing the essence of a complete transformation.

Fatu Feuíu
 Faisua Oka 2007
  (Royal Clam)
oil on canvas, three panels
collection of the artist

Fatu Feuíu is internationally renowned as a Pacific painter, printmaker and sculptor. His images always convey an intense response to his upbringing in Samoa and the culture of its people.

The landscape of Samoa informs Feuíuís paintings and fills them with visual conversations about both the past and the present. Here, there are two images alluded to, firstly a hot and densely forested bush scene as well as the inter-mixing of colours within an ocean reef.