Steven Gwaliasi

Solomon Islands/New Zealand
Born 1954

These carved breastplates and forehead ornaments known as tema, have been carved out of New Zealand pounamu (greenstone), New Zealand argillite and pearl shell.

The motifs used are stylised forms of fish, shark, dolphin, frigate bird and human figures. Traditionally these personal ornaments were made from clam and turtle shell, and were worn during special cultural festivals or celebrations to give tribal identity and show wealth.





Steven Gwaliasi

Circle of Adoption 2008
Pounamu(nephrite), argillite and pearl shell
4 pieces: 1 x 14.5 cm diameter, 3 x 10.2 cm diameter
Collection of the artist

Steven Gwaliasi's carvings explore the age-old traditions of ornaments known as tema or dafe (breast ornaments), particularly those from the islands of Malaita and Santa Cruz in the south-east Solomon Islands. Frequently these pendants contain design references to both ancestors and to the spectacular frigate bird.

References to the culture's extensive history of voyaging are regularly contained in Solomon Islands works of art, where travel across vast oceans, in the presence of birds and fishes, is both recalled and celebrated.

接納之圓 2008
4件:1件直徑14.5 cm、3件直徑10.2 cm

史蒂芬‧瓜力亞希的雕刻所探索的是「tema」或「dafe」(胸前裝飾)的古老裝飾傳統,尤其是來自所羅門群島東南方的馬萊塔島(Malaita)與聖十字島(Santa Cruz)的傳統。這些綴飾的圖案經常與祖先及巨大的軍艦鳥有關。