Lonnie Hutchinson

Samoa/Ngai Tahu/New Zealand
Born 1963

"In the slipstream of the black star you can breathe forever."
Albert Wendt, author/poet

My signature black builders' paper cut-outs pay homage to Polynesian and Maori traditional arts of siapo (barkcloth), tivaevae (quilts), and the decorative and genealogical nature of kowhaiwhai (Maori painted scroll) design. My hand-cut works have developed over the years and have been manifested in the manufacture of laser cut works in the harder materials of acrylic and stainless steel.

Through the dual relationships of negative and positive space, presence and absence, which when touched by light, find play in the subtle and shifting shadows on the wall behind - in the slipstream.



作者/詩人:溫德特Albert Wendt



Lonnie Hutchinson

Can You See What I See 2008
Laser cut acrylic 220 x 140 x 1 cm
Collection of the artist
Courtesy of Jonathan Smart Gallery, Christchurch

Lonnie Hutchinson's art frequently suggests a feminist response to the experience of Pacific women, from both the past and the present. With subtle allusions to history, this sculpture recalls 19th century textile designs, particularly that of lace. Yet, by using black rather than white, she suggests a darker historical presence. Her design utilises the repetitive motif known in Maori as the koru, a form that echoes the shape of fern fronds. This work suggests Pacific history as well as the movement of ocean waves.

  你能否見我所見 2008
透明壓克力 220 x 140 x 1 cm
藝術家自藏;基督城 強納森‧史瑪特藝廊提供