Leanne Clayton

Samoa/New Zealand
Born 1963

I view these works as 'ie lava-lava (skirt-like garment) patterns glossed with a veneer motif like isolated shapes of puddles. They evoke a sense of movement like dripping organic objects of semi-recognizable island leaf like patterns and fauna.

It stirs up movement of transformation, a journey of metamorphose objects of patterns and motifs that have jumped off the 'ie lava-lava and landed onto a site, to create their own pattern of delight without the interruption of background fabric or constraint.



本作品所描繪的是「ie lava-lava」(印花布裙)上的圖案,這些裝飾性的圖案就像是一潭一潭的水窪造型。作品予人流動之感,彷彿滴流的有機物質,如島上常見的樹葉圖案或動物。


Leanne Clayton

'ie lava lava puddles 2008
Translucent acrylic binder, fabric
Collection of the artist

'ie is the Samoan word for a length of fabric which can be worn as a wrap-around skirt-like garment. In this manner this highly practical attire is named the lavalava and is worn by both men and women. Frequently this fabric is decorated with flower patterns such as the ever-present frangipani. Leanne Clayton has taken these somewhat clichéd designs and transformed them into decorative three-dimensional forms which appear to float across the Gallery's space as silhouetted patterns.

印花布裙小水窪 2008