Johnny Penisula

Samoa/New Zealand
Born 1941

The name of this work comes from an old traditional Samoan song, and relates to the most feared predator of the sea - the shark.

Malie Tanifa is one of only two ancient Samoan songs still performed today. I was taught the song from my great-grandmother and recently watched Malie Tanifa performed by a local Auckland school group.





Johnny Penisula

Malie - Tanifa 2007
The Two Devils of the Sea
Red gabro stone 15 x 49 x 39 cm
Collection of the artist

As one of the pre-eminent carvers of the Pacific, Johnny Penisula has spent a lifetime exploring stone's ability to convey messages, which come from history that should be both remembered and shared with others. His ability to combine a specially selected stone with representations which frequently morph diverse forms together, creates powerful and mythic beings.

鯊魚 - 塔尼法,海中雙魔 2007
紅色灰綠柱石 15 x 49 x 39 cm