Janet Lilo

Samoa/Nga Puhi/Niue/New Zealand
Born 1982

These moving and still images are of people I did and did not know from the internet, locally and globally. My fascination in this area surrounds ideas of profiling on social network sites such as Bebo, Facebook and YouTube which sways between the positive and negative representations of identity - created and formulated by the audience and its members. Further, my exploration focuses on notions of public and private spaces which are then reviewed again in a physical space for exhibition.




Janet Lilo

Top 16 2007
Mixed media installation, digital prints, video and beer crates
Collection of the artist

Janet Lilo researches into how the reality of internet-based social networks has transformed the world's youth culture. Top 16 points at the inter-relationships between street-culture, music and the increasingly public nature of personal actuality. By showing how young people represent themselves as a sequence of connective responses to each other, Lilo both celebrates and searches into the ever progressive identity of contemporary Pacific culture.

In their presentation of current 'hit' music, these young people publicly perform their own commitment to music as a carrier of their unique response to what are, essentially, shared songs. At no time in previous history has so much private life been seen publicly. Lilo asks in this work whether all life is now public.

前16強 2007