Andy Leleisi'uao

Samoa/New Zealand
Born 1969

The Angipanis of the Abanimal People reflect an inner reality that, I believe, is part of a continuous evolution, which has always existed; it has simply been waiting for me to notice it. Using a combination of past and recent symbols, which have appeared throughout my works, what has emerged is a surreal world of good and evil. This pictorial vocabulary demonstrates a spiritual confrontation, an inner world of constant instability and mystery, a world that merges and lingers in an ambivalence, reflecting my own angels and demons.

My need to engage in such contrasting and often conflicting desires is significant to me. To recognise and resonate in the space between these differences is essential to my work. These works are helping me understand who I am.



《The Angipanis of the Abanimal People》展覽所反映的是一種內在的現實,我相信那是一直存在、不斷演化的一部份,只等待著我去注意發覺。我的創作經常混用過去與現在的象徵,而從中浮現的是善與惡的超現實世界。這些圖像語彙展現出一種精神上的對峙、一個恆常嬗變而神秘的內在世界、一個陷溺沈滯於曖昧矛盾的世界,映現出我自己的天使與惡魔。


Andy Leleisi'uao

Fa'amalea Heads 2008
Acrylic on canvas 77 x 103 cm (each) x 6
Collection of the artist
Courtesy of Whitespace Gallery, Auckland

The Fa'amalea Heads paintings were shown in the 2008 exhibition: The Angipanis of the Abanimals. Andy Leleisiu'ao is renowned for his invention of present and future visual worlds based on the intersection of Samoan culture with myth, technology and human relationships. By imagining worlds that are yet to exist, he sets up powerfully emotional encounters that question how we relate to each other. As a profoundly humanist artist, Leleisi'uao here compares our appearance to others as being like a prison for the imagination.

Fa’amalea 頭像 2008
壓克力、畫布 77 x 103 cm (每件) x 6
藝術家自藏;奧克蘭 懷特斯貝斯藝廊提供

〈Fa’amalea 頭像〉的畫作曾於2008年的《The Angipanis of the Abanimal People》展覽中展出,以揉雜薩摩亞文化、神話、科技及人類關係為基礎,表現出現在與未來的視覺世界,是安迪‧雷雷希烏奧著名的作品。他幻想那些尚未存在的世界,強力建構了情感上的遭遇,以此質疑人我彼此間的關係。雷雷希烏奧有如一位深切的人道主義者,將人類的外貌比喻為其他物種,這就像是一座箝制想像的牢籠。